Let's Go To Italy!

Take Your Relationship

On The Adventure of a Lifetime

Connection. Adventure. Romance.

The Fire It Up Couples Retreat in Tuscany to Bring You and Your Relationship to Places You Have Only Dreamed Of.

October 26-November 2, 2024

You are missing each other and the relationship you used to have.

It has been nothing but work, adult life and stress for far too long.

You're more like co-workers than the passionate best friends you used to be.

You're worn out from the weight of adult life and crave meaning and connection with each other.

You need to get back to what you love about each other and your life together.

Let's wake your relationship back up and have a blast doing it!

Connection. Food. History. Culture. Fun. Art. Wine. Love.

Enjoy a luxurious couples experience, curated to build the most incredible relationship imagined. You will learn, grow, adventure, laugh, connect, and relax with an intimate group of couples all wanting to create more joy in their relationship.

Each experience will deepen your relationship while enjoying a fun, relaxing and romantic vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A villa 14km outside of Florence will be your home for the week. Nestled in the Tuscan hillside, you will have the quiet and space to relax and learn. Gourmet Italian food prepared by a local chef will fuel and inspire you. Oh, the pasta!

You will adventure to a natural thermal spa, be guided through some of Florence's best art and history, and travel to three wineries to taste the best of Italian olive oil and wine over a delicious meal. All this while I guide you through the most powerful exercises you never knew you needed to deepen and transform your relationship.

You will play. You will reconnect. You will grow and deepen your relationship..

You will eat pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

Act quickly. This is an intimate retreat for only six couples.

October 26-November 2, 2024

A Retreat Is A Gift Of Time

The ultimate experience for your relationship.

Whether together 5 years of 5 decades, the shared experience of travel always provides newfound connection and excitement..

This retreat will create the experiences to focus back on each other and on wonder, learning and joy. This luxurious adventure will lead you to greater romance, play, laughter and learning.

While experiencing the greatest Tuscany has to offer, I facilitate relationship learning and exercises which translate these experiences into new habits that transform your regular life.

It's a full service luxury relationship vacation that will bring you closer to each other than you have ever been.

Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

During our adventures together, I guide you and your partner through exercises and activities to deepen and enhance your relationship. We need to feed our relationships, and these experiences will deeply nourish and excite you.

You will learn about the attachment, neuroscience, and arousal regulation that drives the closeness needed . More experiential than didactic, you will feel closer with each session.

Whether weighed down by work, parenting or just modern life, this retreat will bring back the joy, love and lightness you have been missing.

Inspire your connection through the history and romance of Tuscany.

My husband and I travel to Italy as often as possible because it connects and inspires us.

I am combining my love for Italy with my passion for helping couples on this retreat. My energy and sense of humor will create an epic experience for your relationship.

I bring the best of Tuscany to my couples, while sharing my most powerful tools to deepen and improve your relationship.

Meet your guide, Carolyn Sharp.

This is a shot of me, my first time in Italy, laughing my face off after loving my very first sample of gelato. This is how I live: joy, gratitude, goofiness, love, laughter and movement. My hair is greyer now than in that photo--but my love of life no less

I am passionate about relationships, learning and living life to the very fullest. For over 25 years I’ve worked to heal the most challenging things life can hand to couples. Now I use that experience in striving to prevent those problems from happening.

Never boring or typical, I have powerful tools to keep relationships healthy and thriving.

I am real, direct, playful and loving--and I don't put up with any BS.

Don't believe me? Call me up or find me on Instagram or TikTok to find my expertise and my ridiculous personality on display.

Final note: I support all people and all relationships. Hatred or bias against any group will not be tolerated AT ALL. This retreat will be a safe and supportive space.

Where you are going:

A magical villa full of history, comfort and romance.

Villa Il Forte, a 600 year old fort, renovated in 2018 with beautiful bedrooms with ensuite baths.

A gorgeous setting 14 km from Florence.

Gardens and orchards of olive and fruit trees with paths to explore. A heated pool, gym, sauna and outdoor spaces to play and explore. This gorgeous Villa creates the perfect setting for the reconnection you need.

Romantic, comfortable and spacious rooms to call home for the week.

Gorgeously remodeled rooms have king or queen sizes beds and private baths for your comfort.
You will rest, play and dream together.

Spaces for our group and for you to find private time together.

A professional kitchen to host our cooking class and to enjoy snacks; a game room, gym, dining room and spacious salon where we will meet for learning and connection. Health, play, connection and learning are all around you.

What will our time together look like?

Here are the sample itineraries of the experiences you will have.

You have the option to join any and all experiences. Designed to create health, fun, reconnection, and growth in your relationship, I encourage you to participate in all planned activities, but support you in doing what feels best.

These are the sample schedules for activities included in your retreat.

Day One: Welcome

Our shuttle transports you from Florence Airport and brings you to the Villa for arrival at 4:30. Whether you fly directly in or explore Italy on your own for days before, the retreat starts in the van ride to the Villa. Carolyn, her assistant and the Villa staff greet you and show you to your room and your welcome gift.

Once settled, we meet back for social hour and a welcome dinner. We will get to know each other and Carolyn will introduce the retreat process. After dinner you are invited to linger and relax or have an early night.

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Day Two: Connection

Our first full day will be at the Villa, where you will mix rest and relaxation with learning and activities facilitated to bring you closer. After daily coffee service, you are invited to join Carolyn for a hike around the area to stretch your legs. Following a delicious breakfast, we will gather to have our first session.

This two hour session will focus on the needs of your relationship for this trip. Supported in creating goals, you will then be led through a deeper understanding of each other to create the deepest relationship possible. The exercises will establish the connections as the basis for the week together and your ongoing relationship.

After a gourmet lunch, you have time to yourselves to explore, rest and relax, with suggested prompts and activities for deepening your experience. Each couple gets a session with Carolyn to enhance their experience and you can use this time to do so. You can also cab into Florence for a couple of hours or just relax by the pool.

We meet again for social hour and a pizza party. No ordinary pizza, we are treated to the experience of seeing how the best pizza in the world is made on a wood fired oven in our garden. Nourished and content after a luxurious day, you head to sleep feeling connected and inspired.

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Day Three: Learning and Adventure

Our first adventure day, we head out to three wineries and olive oil vineyards.

But first, after coffee service, you have the option of joining Carolyn for a couples meditation session to start the day connected. Watch this process deepen everything that follows it as she leads you through the best ways to use this practice no matter what or how you are doing.

Following another delicious breakfast, we have a brief group session on communication to build in the tools to enhance your experience on the wine tours and beyond. The simple tools you use will teach you how to see and hear each other toward deeper connection, reduced friction, and more collaboration.

Then for the rest of the day we explore the gorgeous and delicious vineyards of Tuscany, where you learn about wine and olive oil production and the special wines only made here. You will taste both wines and olives oils paired with snacks and treats that enhance the experience. Then over a 3 course lunch, you will be treated to incredible food while you share together.

Once back at the villa you will have an opportunity to rest and relax before another amazing meal. Over dinner, Carolyn will facilitate a discussion that helps you grow closer and have fun together while learning about the challenges Carolyn and her husband have navigated together. Carolyn's humor and storytelling will create more opportunities for laughter and learning.

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Day Four: Deepen

Our second full Villa day, today is focused on working and playing together. Another optional walk together will help start the day in connection and health.

Our morning session focuses on deepening your understanding of yourselves, your relationship and each other. Leaving behind the grind of your day to day life, you are now in a space to lean into full curiosity and play together. Through both exercises and teaching, Carolyn will help you shake off the old stories and baggage that has weighed you down and help you begin to create the new version of you. It will be challenging, exciting and inspiring and the morning will fly by.

A leisurely lunch will fuel you for an afternoon together on your own. An optional session with Carolyn, a taxi ride into Florence or another nearby town, or a relaxing afternoon in the Villa are among your choices. Carolyn will support you in making the best use of your time together by offering customized activities for your time alone together based on the goals you developed with her prior to arrival.

We meet back in the kitchen for our cooking class. Here we learn the secrets of your favorite Italian dishes as we make the dinner for ourselves. Part play, part learning and part collaboration, the cooking class will challenge your communication and connection or bring you easy joy. Either way Carolyn will enhance the experience with cues to notice and work with aspects of your relationship through out.

After enjoying the fruits of your labors, enjoy after dinner wine in the game room and salon before heading off to bed.

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Day Five: Exploration

Today is our day in Florence. A brief meditation before breakfast to connect you, Carolyn will support you in setting intentions for the day together. We drive the 30 minutes to Florence and are met by our walking tour guide. We will be led through Florence's incredible history, and explore two of her greatest museums-The Uffizi and the Galleria D'academia.

After the tour concludes, you are on your own for the rest of the day to explore the other parts of this vibrant city you are most excited to see. Using the tools you have been taught, you will be encouraged to practice navigating the exploration of this incredible place with new eyes. You have lunch on your own and can stay for dinner as well.

The van returns to the villa at an agreed time, or you have the option of getting back on your own, with Carolyn's team able to assist with arrangements. Back at the villa you can rest, relax and enjoy a light dinner if you do not choose to have dinner on your own.

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Day Six: Expansion

Now we build on the deepened connection and fun you have had and we take it to 11.

After a morning meditation, walk or sleep-in and a glorious breakfast, we meet up for a morning session.

Carolyn guides you through the key pieces to bring your relationship to more ease, passion and joy. Attachment and neuroscience are at the foundation, but you would never know it (unless the 6 couples are as nerdy as Carolyn and want the full academic deets) because you will be guided through a process that will feel like you are on your own private island together. Leaving this session you will feel clear, confident and deeply in love. You will have a plan for bringing the experience back home.ds

After lunch buffet where you can eat together as a group or take your lunch together to a private spot, you have time to yourselves with questions to use to inspire further connection and learning. Optional coaching sessions with Carolyn could deepen the work done or you can retreat to your gorgeous bedroom for rest and connection.

Social hour and a lively and delicious dinner rounds out the day. Play a game of pool or ping pong if you're in the mood or just relax by a fire.

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November 1st: Rest, Romance and Rejuvenation-Our Spa Day

Today is the spa day. An optional meditation will help you start the day connected and clear about your needs and wishes for your experiences today.

Following a light breakfast, we journey to Grotta Giusti, a natural thermal spa with caves deep into the ground. Here you have time in the spring fed thermal pools, grotto and treatments available to restore yourselves. Carolyn's team will help you make advanced reservations for any treatments you want, and you enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch poolside. You can hang with the group or take time to yourselves. It is a day filled with deep restoration and connection.

We return to the Villa mid afternoon. After a brief group practice to integrate the experiences, you have time to rest before social hour and our celebration dinner.

Over dinner, Carolyn will lead a discussion that will help begin the process of bringing your relationship home. You will celebrate your relationship and each other, more close and in love than you ever thought possible.

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November 2nd: Heading Home Closer Than Ever

After a buffet breakfast and a closing circle, you leave with all the tools, processes and supports needed to bring the vacation back home with you. Our vans take you to the airport where you can head home or on the next leg of your vacation. If you want to add other stops, Carolyn can offer suggestions!

Following the retreat, we have a meeting together over zoom to check in and support you. Carolyn also sets up a session at a time best for each of you to follow up and offer support in integration and follow through on the work you need to do.

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Day At the Villa

8:00 Coffee Service

8:30 Optional Mindfulness Meditation/Guided Mindful Hike

9:30 Breakfast

10:30 Group Time/Relationship Focus

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Time on Your Own

Optional Afternoon Sessions with Carolyn

5:00 Group Time

6:30 6:30 Optional Social Hour with alcoholic and non alcoholic aperitifs.

7:30 Dinner Together/Cooking Class/Pizza Party

Adventure Days

7:00 Coffee Service

8:00 Breakfast

9:30 Group Time-Guided Exercise

10:30 Van Transport for Winery/Olive Oil Tours/Florence Day

11-3: Winery/Olive Oil Tours with Gourmet Lunch

And, on the other

11-3 Florence Guided time with walking tour and admission to the Galleria Academia and the Uffizi. Lunch on your own.

3:30 Return To Villa (unless you choose to stay in Florence on your own).

Time on Your Own

6:30 Optional Social Hour with alcoholic and non alcoholic aperitifs.

One Dinner On Your Own (Reservations and assistance with transportation provided).

Spa Day

7:00 Coffee Service

7:30 Optional Guided Hike

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Van transport to Spa

10-3 Spa time with Light Lunch provided.

3:30 Return to Villa

4:30 Group Time Relationship Focus

6:30 Social Hour

7:30 Gourmet Dinner back at the Villa.

What topics will be covered?


Creating a healthy experience on a trip begins with goals and intentions. Before leaving and in our early meetings, I will support and lead you through the process of becoming clear for your goals for your relationship and this trip.

Too often we stumble our way into experiences, and then leave them frustrated that we did not quite get what we expected (despite never getting clear on those expectations).

We do this often in our relationship.

Carolyn will teach and lead you through this to set you on a clearer course toward happiness and fulfillment together. Throughout the retreat, she will coach you to check in and refine goals and progress.

All in the Italian countryside!


Later sessions will teach you how to support each other in being your happiest selves. If we aren't happy in Tuscany, when will we be?

And yet, on vacation, as in life, challenges occur. Learning to be present to and support each other through challenges AND through happiness is one of our greatest needs AND difficulties.

Carolyn will provide the guidance and clarity to help you learn how to do this in good times

and bad.

She will share personal stories to learn how couples experts navigate this. (If we are really lucky, Carolyn's husband Geoff will be there to help keep her honest in these stories!)


Beyond growing and learning, you will be led through experiences to reconnect to each other to the love, laughter and joy you both deserve.

You will deepen this connection in every experience together: whether on walks through the olive orchards; in our cooking class; walking through the museums of Florence, or relaxing in a natural thermal spa together.

Carolyn will teach you how to make the most out of these extraordinary experiences and how to take this adventure mindset home.

What's included?

An all inclusive experience to allow you to relax, connect and only worry about what the chef is cooking next and whether to nap, read or chill

by the pool in your free time.

Romantic, comfortable and spacious rooms to call home for the week.

A comfortable, romantic and private 5 star villa. Each room with en suite bath has everything you need and want for rest, relaxation and reconnection.

600 hectares of olive and fruit trees, gardens and paths to explore. A heated pool, ping pong and outdoor spaces to play and explore.

A gym with fitness equipment, sauna and hydro massage provides the option to refresh your health throughout your stay.

Billiards, ping-pong, a swimming pool (weather permitting), tv, stereo and piano provide options for play.

A renowned chef will prepare your meals and teach you their craft.

You will be fed the best local cuisine, prepared by a highly skilled chef. Pasta, the best meats and fish from the region, and local wines will be prepared fresh each day.

One night the team will prepare homemade pizza, another night he will lead you through a cooking class where you will learn how to make what you are eating!

For the two meals on your own, our team will help you choose the best restaurants and get you the reservations you want.

All excursions and activities included.

We have curated the ultimate Tuscany experience to create the best opportunities to see all the area has to offer and connect along the way.

Museum tours, wine and olive oil tastings, spa visit, cooking class from a renowned local chef and all relationship building activities are included.

Transportation to the villa and to all adventure days are included, allowing you to relax and fully experience all the options.

Each couple has the option of a coaching session with Carolyn to deepen the experience.

Following the retreat, Carolyn will follow up to make sure you take your experience home and continue connecting.

Carolyn's experience as a teacher, retreat facilitator and coach will support you every step of the way, even as she keeps you laughing.

What is the Cost?


  • En-suite lodging in a luxury 5 star villa for 7 nights

  • All Breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 four course dinners prepared by a local Chef.

  • Cocktails, wine and non-alcoholic drinks at social hour and dinner

  • Coffee, tea, water and snacks.

  • Cooking class at the Villa

  • Wine and olive oil tour with 3 course lunch

  • Guided walking tour of Florence with museum entry

  • Day at the natural spa with gourmet lunch

  • Group sessions for your relationship each day

  • Guided couples meditations/walks each day

  • All transportation to group outings.

  • One private coaching session with Carolyn at the Villa

  • Pre & post retreat calls with Carolyn for integration & support.

  • Transfer to Villa to/from the Florence Airport

  • Special Tuscan gift from Carolyn


  • Airfare to Italy

  • Any additional nights in Florence

  • Private spa treatments outside of pools and grotto (we will arrange reservations for you)

  • Lunch on your own in Florence (we can assist in choosing)

  • Additional drinks/wine outside of service

  • One dinner on your own (arrangements made for you)

  • Shopping/gifts

  • Entrances to additional sights in Florence

  • Purchased wine/olive oil to take home

  • Gratuities to service providers at the spa.

  • Any trips outside our itinerary


$8457 per couple

Register by March 1, 2024

$2400 deposit required to register.


$9557 per couple

Register after March 1, 2024

$2400 deposit required to register.

Who is this for?

ALL Couples who want a deeper, more connected, more joyous relationship. Couples who love to laugh, have fun, make friends, and relax together. Couples who enjoy seeing new things, eating new foods, talking about new things, having new experiences together. Couples who love each other AND like each other.

They may have let their relationship fall to the bottom of the pile, they may have grown a little bit lazy or bored with each other, but they know they want more and are willing to work at it.

FAQ image

Who is this NOT for?

Couples in crisis. This is not designed to repair the damage caused by infidelity or another betrayal. This is also not meant to be a last-ditch effort to save your relationship. If you are in constant struggle or fighting, have trouble getting through a week without a giant fight, this is not the place for you. If either of you struggles with addiction, violence or a serious mental illness, this is not for you.

Unfortunately, this location is not handicapped accessible and would be difficult for anyone with serious mobility issues. In future retreats, a handicapped accessible trip will be planned.

If you are not sure, fill out the information form and Carolyn will call you to discuss.

FAQ image

Do we have to do everything planned?

This is your trip, so you get to do it as feels best to you, whether you attend every group workshop or take more free time.

That said, the trip is planned to create a deepening relationship through each activity and exercise I created. The more you participate, the more you will get out of the experience. Because of how small the retreat is, Carolyn will be available to customize the experience for you and your partner, within limits.

Changes may be made to the specific experiences to meet all interests. When you speak to Carolyn, express your preferences and she will include them in finalizing plans to the best of her ability.

FAQ image

Can we bring our kids?

This is an adults only retreat.

This is intended to be fully focused on the two of you and our wonderful children are a distraction. I encourage you to find them something equally fun and enriching to do while you are away. There are LOTS of amazing shops in Florence to buy presents!

FAQ image

Can you accommodate food and alcohol needs?

Yes! Once you register and make the deposit, you will be sent a guest information form to add any and ALL dietary and health needs. Please be thorough to include allergies and sensitivities. These will be due no later than one month before the start of the retreat to able to be accommodated. If you have life threatening food allergies, please mention this on your call with Carolyn.

Both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages will be served. For the day at the winery and olive oil tours, you can choose an alternative activity if you would prefer and Carolyn will arrange.

If being around others drinking is troubling to you, this may not be enjoyable however, as wine and aperitifs will be served at dinner.

FAQ image

Is there a payment plan?

Once you register you make a non-refundable deposit of $2400 to secure your spot. The remainder of the balance is due 65 days before the retreat. The remaining invoice is available immediately upon registration if you want to pay earlier.

The deposit is not refundable. Due to the risks involved in international travel, travel insurance is required. I recommend Allianz. The link for that is here: Allianz.

FAQ image

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand for this tour and the extensive planning, all deposit payments are non-refundable.  Thank you for your understanding.

Final payments are due no later than August 22, 2024.

If proper cancellation notice is received by Instructor more than 90 days prior to the startof the Retreat, 100% of any payments made by Participant will be refunded to Participant, less the Reservation Deposit.

If proper cancellation notice is received by Instructor between 90 days and 65 days priorto the start of the Retreat, 50% of any payments made by Participant will be refunded to Participant, less the Reservation Deposit

If cancellation notice is received by Instructor 65 days or less prior to the start of theRetreat, there shall be no refund.

Travel insurance is required to cover any change in your plans. I recommend Allianz. The link for that is here: Allianz.

If Carolyn has to cancel the retreat for any reason, you will be refunded all payments.

FAQ image

How do we register?

Fill out the form below and I will arrange a call to answer all your questions. Once you confirm your interest, I send you the invoice for the deposit, the contract and the information sheet. After you make the non-refundable deposit and sign the contract, you have a secured spot.

If you want to choose your room, you can do so at this point. All rooms are equally beautiful, but I can send you the information about each remaining room to choose.

Following registration, Carolyn will send you a calendar to schedule a session prior to the retreat in goal setting and support to maximize the benefits of the retreat. She will advise you on any travel planning you need to do and any recommendations for enhancing your experience.

We will be in contact about the spa, extra reservations, and other aspects of the retreat. You will have my contact information for any questions you have.

Closer to departure, Carolyn will be in touch to have a zoom meeting to meet each other and offer additional preparatory support.

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Let a Tuscan vacation bring your relationship and each of you back to life! Fill out the form and I will reach out to set up a call!

A Dream Relationship on a dream vacation.

A healthier, more vital, happier relationship is only a plane ride away. Experience the best of Tuscany while creating the relationship of your dreams.

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